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Celebrating Raul Lavin's Centennial Birthday
"A Cuban Club Foundation Event"
Date:  June 24, 2017
Location:  The Cuban Club of Tampa
Time:  5:00pm
Reservations have been closed.  Thank you for your interest
 * The Cuban Club Foundation, Inc.
 * Santos-Paula Family

Many people will ask, “What do we or can we give a 100 year old man?” The answer is bring a donation (cash or check made out to The CC Foundation, memo: Bldg. Raul Lavin) to be placed in the box we will have there on the entrance table, wrapped like a birthday gift at each entrance. This is only if you want to give him something that will be meaningful to him and our community.


Towards the end of the evening, all cash and check donations will be tallied, amount written on a giant check. The giant check will be presented to him and CC representative while we all sing, “Happy 100th Birthday to you, Happy 100th Birthday to you, Happy 100th Birthday to Raul Lavin! Happy 100th Birthday to YOU!!   (Giving is completely, voluntarily up to you.)

gift box
Hotel Accomodations and Special Rate has been arranged for at:
hotel image
Hilton Garden Inn of Ybor City/Tampa


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