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El Círculo Cubano de Tampa

"Salón de Damas

Mirror Restoration Project"

La Diosa on the Ceiling of the Ballroom

The mirror in the Salòn de Damas was an original piece of furniture when the building first opened. The Cuban members were the ones who purchased and placed the mirror with matching base and furniture in the Salón de Damas. (shared by Raul Lavin)

Through the years the mirror has been painted and repainted until it met its’ demise and fell to the floor cracking the mirror and frame into pieces. Unfortunately there were several pieces of the frame that were lost.

The frame had to be disassembled into separate pieces and a century of repainting had to be removed with paint remover, scraping, brushing and a lot of elbow grease. 

One of the pieces on top of the mirror was broken off and lost. The craftsman had to recreate the top piece keeping it true to its’ original design.

The mirror restoration project is almost complete. Once painted, it will be taken to a mirror manufacturing company to be fitted and installed.

“My deepest gratitude goes to Los Mambis, Doc Evors, fellow Mambi member and to master carpenter, Joe Blanco (doc’s brother in law).  Both fathers grew up actively involved in the Cuban Club. Doc and Joe remember the mirror in their childhood memories.”

Lloyd Carrera Santos

I am pleased and honor to announce that the “Salón de Damas; Mirror Restoration Project” has been completed as of April 2017. Please view the before , during and after restoration pictures below.


The Mambis suggested that the project be dedicated to Raul Lavin and will be presented to him at his 100th Centennial Birthday Dinner, June 24, 2017. The mirror is estimated to be 100 years old and Raul will turn 100, April 18 of this year, 2017. I know he will be honored.

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