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La Diosa on the Ceiling of the Ballroom

La Diosa 

Shared by Rolando Perez Pedrero



“The Ballroom ceiling mural was completed in 1926 by a Spaniard named Juan Aciego who had lived in Cuba for some time. He painted the Circulo mural over approximately two years.  Much of the work was done at night after his regular job was done. I met his grandaughter about twenty years ago. The Club had a huge celebration event when the mural was "unveiled".


Juan Aciego had worked as a painter in Madrid, Paris and in the Palace of the Sultan of Morocco. I asked a friend of mine, Dr. Alberto Bustamante, the founder and President of the Patrimonio Nacional Cubano, to research Aciego as an artist, but he unfortunately was unable to find any record of the latter as an artist in the history of Cuban art.  Apparently, Aciego would have been considered to have been a good illustrator as opposed to a known artist.” Rolando Perez-Pedrero, El Circulo Cubano President Emeritus 

After many years of neglect and water damage from leaks from the roof, La Diosa mural as well as the plaster the painting was drawn on, was cut out and saved. Plans are being discussed to have it reconstructed and to be placed as a framed wall mural on the third floor in the lobby area to the entrance of the theatre balcony.

A special thanks to Rolando Perez-Pedrero for all his efforts in saving and preserving this precious mural and symbol of our family’s love and devotion for our club.

The Ballroom/ Salon de Baile in the 1950’s. Please note La Diosa in the top right of this picture.

La Diosa, original ceiling mural.
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