Los Mambis Officers
  • “Socio Numero Uno” Honorary Lifetime "General": Raul Lavin

  • President of Los Mambis & El Circulo Cubano: Bobby Ayala

  • General: Tony Hernandez

  • 1st Lieutenant General: Jerry Ransford

  • 2nd Lieutenant General: Jose Berenguer

  • Major General West Tampa Division: Anthony Tamargo

  • Major General Ybor City Division: Steve Cueto

  • Brigadier General 1: Amber Berenguer

  • Brigadier General 2: Valerie Gonzalez

  • Brigadier General 3: Ralph Figueroa

  • Brigadier General 4: Izzy Segarra

  • Secretary: Diana Rivera

  • Treasurer/ Bookkeeper: Leire Dieguez

  • Membership Director: Kelly Hall

  • Webmaster: Mario Rivera

  • Parade Director: Alton Bradley

  • Social Media Specialist: Jeanette Viera

Mambi Gasparilla Children’s Parade 2017 on FOX 13 News!

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