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Third floor landing.

Third floor landing. View of the magnificent stairways and the Cuban coat of arms, stained glass window with the date written in the corner “Est.1917”, referring to the CC building.

First floor, La Cantina (basement)

First floor, La Cantina (basement). Lower street entrance from the front of the building from La Avenida Republica de Cuba.

Salón de Baile / Grand Ballroom

The Salón de Baile / Grand Ballroom on the fourth level prepared for an elegant wedding reception

Geometrical, Cuban tile

Showing the beautiful, geometrical, Cuban tile which continues through the first, second and third floors of the club. This is in the first floor cantina/lobby area

Beautiful night view

Beautiful night view of the front of the building

Third floor lobby/balcony

Third floor lobby/balcony entrance to the theatre entrance. French doors is entrance into the “Salon de Damas” (Women’s lounge area)

Third floor facing front of building

Third floor facing front of building. To the left is the entrance to the Board Room.

“La Cantina”

First floor/basement called “La Cantina” as this is the lower street entrance where members would stop off at the “Farmacia” (Pharmacy) for medication or to see the doctor in “La Clinica” also to the left. Continuing to the back (left side) is a bar which also sold food and beverages to the members. Thus giving this floor the name “La Cantina” a place where one can get food or drink.

Second floor, main entrance

Second floor, main entrance to the building’s office and theater entrance called “The Lobby”. This is the main lobby to the entrance of the main theatre floor seating. In the middle is the ticketing booth and either doors allow entrance into the theatre. Notice the beautiful hand made Cuban tile that are actually thick cement bricks, that were dyed and buffed to a brilliant shine.

“La Cantina”

First floor/basement called “La Cantina” towards the back right are the doors to the elevator built in 1990’s.

Second floor, main lobby bar area

Second floor, main lobby bar area to the left of the theatre’s main entrance and ticketing booth.

Second floor, main lobby sitting

Second floor, main lobby sitting area. Picture looking towards bar and theatre entrance.

Second floor main lobby sitting area

Second floor, main lobby sitting area looking towards front of the building.

Older picture of the second floor

Older picture of the second floor, main lobby siting area decorated for an event.

Infamous marble staircase

Infamous marble staircase looking down from the forth floor landing. Beautiful wooden railings painted gold with rot iron decorative scrolls.

“Rolando Manteiga Theatre”

Main stage in the “Rolando Manteiga Theatre” named after member & contributor of El Circulo Cubano & CEO of La Gaceta, the first & only trilingual newspaper in the world. Published in English, Spanish & Italian. Rolando’s father, Victoriano Manteiga was the founder of La Gaceta, established in 1922. It is still being circulated today, by Victoriano’s grandson & Rolando’s son, Patrick Manteiga. He is CEO & Editor as well as a member of the CC & past president & current member of CC Foundation.

Fourth Floor “Ballroom”

Fourth Floor “Ballroom” decorated for a beautiful evening event of dancing and celebration just like years gone past.

“The Ballroom” decorated

“The Ballroom” decorated for a wedding reception.

“The Ballroom”, fourth floor

“The Ballroom”, fourth floor, wedding sweetheart table.

Fourth floor “Ballroom”

Fourth floor “Ballroom” ready for a formal banquet.

beautiful “Ballroom”

The beautiful “Ballroom” ready for any reception or event.

Stained Glass

The beautiful stained glass window depicting the coat of arms of Cuba and the six Cuban flags representing the 6 provencias (provinces) of Cuba.


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