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President Armando Dorta was the 11th and 13th president of El Círculo Cubano de Tampa. He served his first term from 1949-1952 and second term from 1955-1956.

Armando and Estela Dorta

 This page was made possible by his grandson Frank Garcia, prominent paleontologist responsible for more than 30 previously undiscovered species of prehistoric animals. Frank is also the composer, writer and singer of “El Corazon de Tampa” (video below). He is also a writer. Frank inherited these photographs from his abuela, Estela Dorta.  My gratitude and appreciation goes to Frank for allowing me to include his pictures and song on my website.

“El Corazon de Tampa” by Frank Garcia

A Tribute to his abuelos Estela and Armando Dorta

and his beloved Tampa, (Ybor City and West Tampa)


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