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Oldest member of the Cuban Club at our wedding, Primo Raul Lavin!

Hello! My name is Luisanna Carrera - Timmons member of Ybor City Cuban Club. The Cuban Club holds a special place in my heart because my great great grandfather, Eladio Paula, was one of the founding fathers of El Circulo Cubano de Tampa. Our Carrera family are honorary lifetime members of the Cuban Club. My father Lloyd Carrera Santos has instilled into us our family values of hard-work, loyalty and compassion which has made me into the person I am today.. The Cuban Club historically represents where my family came from and I will forever be a part of the Cuban Club.

I wanted to recognize Primo Raul, the oldest living member of the Cuban Club, in this photo. It was an honor having him at our wedding as a member of our family. It wouldn’t have been a Cuban celebration without him and the Ybor City cigars!

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