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I, Lloyd Carrera Santos, great grandson of the first president and founding father, wish to express my deepest gratitude and appreciation to the Cuban Club Foundation, Inc., and its’ board of directors for whom without we would be talking about our beloved historic treasure in the past tense. On behalf of my dear mother,-Dora Santos Paula Carrera (1920-2007), her mother-Sara Paula Santos, and her grandfather- Eladio Paula, I say a personal and sincere thank you for each past, present and future Foundation officer and member.

For those not knowing the history of our organization, the fortunes of the Cuban Club began to wane in the 1960’s. Membership dropped and the building fell into disrepair.  Cigar workers like my father, Luis Carlos Carrera, Sr. (1915-1989) and those of his generation moved out of Ybor City wanting to make a better life for their families. Their children would also move to other parts of the United States and world. Like me, we soon forgot about our beloved Ybor City and our family’s precious Cuban Club. After losing my parents and each of my brothers and sisters at a young age, I was left trying to remember my past. I was scared of forgetting and then, was reunited with my Primo Raul Lavin, who brought back many memories and whom has filled in many that were lost or forgotten. It is for my family, those who have ties to the Cuban Club, my Primo Raul, the El Circulo Cubano Building, The Foundation, The El Circulo Cubano and my Mambi brothers and sisters that I dedicate this website. 

Back to the Foundation…to save the club and prevent its sale to private interests, a group of civic-minded individuals formed the Cuban Club Foundation in 1992 to raise funds necessary to save and renovate the building. It is now a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to preserving this very special building and restoring it to its “original” luster.  To date, many projects have been completed but many more are needed. The board’s biggest responsibility now is to seek county, state and national grants for the multi-million dollars needed to repair, rebuild and renovate our beloved building.

The Original CC Foundation, Inc. Members (1992)

Raul Lavin, Pres. Elect/Vice President

Rolando Manteiga

Cristino Perez

Mike Pedriñan

Adela Gonzmart

Ana Crespo

(Ralph Fernandez - attorney pro bono)

Luis Diaz

Walter Hendrix

Charlie Otero

Ray Grenaldi

The Current CC Foundation, Inc. Members:

Joe Gonzalez

Patrick Mantiega

Raul Lavin

Steve Yturriaga

Brian Griffen

Ruben Calles

By hosting your next event at The Cuban Club you are helping to support the building and keep it alive for generations to come.

Disclaimer: This website is not an official website nor endorsed by the CC Foundation, Inc.

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